👋 Hi there!

I'm Matthew, a Developer Advocate and Engineer at Stripe. I'm a jack of all trades coder, photographer and musician. Nice to meet you!

A bit about me

Currently I'm focussed on connecting with the developer community in EMEA, to enable and foster a surprisingly great developer experience with Stripe. If you're part of this community, I'd love to hear from you!

After studying tech in the early noughties, and working at a web agency in Dublin, I moved to Berlin and lived and worked there for 17 years during the boom of the startup scene. During that time I worked at lots of companies from small startups like Plazes (an early location based social network à la Gowalla, Foursquare), Amen (a social network for finding the best and worst of everything) up to large corporations like Nokia (all the phones!)

I also started my own consultancy business called The Incredible Things Department (IT Department for short :]), studied photography and became a pro music photographer 📸